Difference Between Maintenance & Repair

There is a subtle difference between preventive maintenance and regular scheduled maintenance, both are equally important when it comes to car safety. Delaying Preventive and/or Scheduled maintenance can ultimately cause more economic strain as well as unnecessary risk to the driver and passengers. Almost everyone understands the need of scheduled maintenance, like an oil change, most people do it regularly, when it comes to preventive maintenance they don’t realize that those £250 today to replace a component like a worn front wheel bearing, could become hundreds of pounds tomorrow when the wheel falls off the axle and break more components of the front end system.


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Standard service

we only use genuine parts where we can during a service and all of our repairs. this ensures we can waranty our work with complete faith that the product used will last, unlike some of the cheap oem or blueprint copies

service schedules

ensure your car is running in optimum condition by getting it checked out seasonally. tyre and wheel geometry is one of the most commonly missed checks when servicing or repairing a car, when it can actually have a huge effect on the car's handling and performance.

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